In this article, We will discuss what is Inversion Of Control (IOC) and Dependency Injection (DI). And What are the advantages?

Inversion of control and dependency injection are part of the spring framework, Inversion of control and dependency injection are related to each other.

Inversion of control and dependency injection are used to make our application loosely coupled, Inversion of control is the container that is used in the spring framework, Spring container consists two sub-containers.

  1. Beanfactory
  2. ApplicatonContext

Inversion of control is a container in the spring framework which we use to loosely coupled the objects or remove dependencies. …

In this article, We will talk about the Coding Standard, Which we should follow as a programmer.

We all know that programming is used to give instructions to the computer or we can say a machine, To perform a particular task,
So we can say that we are communicating with the machine, However,
Is it okay to write a code just to communicate with the machine?
The simple answer is NO. Anyone can write a program which can be understood by computer or machine.

We should write programs, That can also be understood by other developers, SO they can add…

In this article, We will go through JSP and Servlet.

What is Servlet and Why we use ?

Servlet is a java program, Which fetches and process the information on clients request and gives the response.
→Servlet is used for web development.
→In java, We can make a class servlet by extending HttpServlet class.
→Servlet can be used to create a dynamic web page.

In this figure we can say a client has requested, To the server for a particular HTML page, The server receives the request and passes it to the web container which consists of servlets and web.xml( Deployment Descriptor).

This Deployment Descriptor map the page…

In this article, we are going to understand the concepts of normalization.

Before starting the concepts first we need to under what is normalization?.

Decomposing larger and complex database tables into simpler and smaller ones. We can achieve this by using normal forms, From lower normal forms to higher normal forms.

In this image, we’ve seen a complex data table.

→If we want to create good database designs.

→By using normalization we can ensure that all database operations are performed efficiently.

→By using this we can avoid unnecessary replications of information.

→Reduces the complexity of database tables.

→When complexity reduces…

In this article we’ll go through the concept of exceptions and how to handle an exception using java programming language.

In this article we’re going to know that how to handle an exception, but before that, firstly we need to understand that “what is an exception ?”

We can say that an exception is a mechanism which disturbs the normal flow of a program. when an exception occurs system will give us a message about that exception, but a good thing about an exception is that exception can be handled in java.

If an exception occurs and programmer will not…

In this article we’ll discuss the main concepts of object-oriented programming .

As we know that so many programming languages are object-oriented. as you can see different programming languages used OOPs .

In object oriented programming we majorly focus on objects . Now you guy’s are thinking that “What is an object ?”

Okay ! , I will explain.

Objects are anything which consists state and behaviour.

Did you guy’s understand?

If Yes , than very good you are a quick learner

If No , Don’t be upset ,let’s understand it with an example.

Let us consider “Dog” as an…

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